Hotwife Encouragement by Counselor

Hotwife Encouragement by Marriage Counselor

I never thought playing a hotwife would be a blessing in disguise. Thanks to our Marriage counselor. After 10 years of marriage and two children, I and my Husband are attending a marriage counselor. Reason for visit; both of us are grown out of each other. There is no romance left. We are sticking together for the sake of children. The marriage counselor asked us how our sex life was. And we had no answer. We have become so busy with our office life, children, and paying EMIs that we don’t remember when we kissed last time and forget about sex.

It took us 2 to 3 minutes to remember. We said together 5 years back. The Doctor stared at us in silence. Then said, why not go for a hot adventure? Adventures like wife swapping, erotic games, BDSM, or talk of the town hotwife. It’s not that we have grown fat and ugly. Both of us are fit and fine. People are shocked that I am a mother of two kids. Look wise, I have golden hair, boast an athletic body, and long legs with a nice pair of tits.

We asked counselor what is a hotwife? She told us that it’s an erotic game where the wife has sex with husband’s consent. Though it looked shocking initially, it did sound exciting. Now next question was who the participant in it would be. The person should be reliable and trustworthy. We asked our counselor for this since she had suggested it; she might know a person. She suggested her driver; Dixen for this.

Dixen was a young African man in his early 20s. Like all Migrants, he came to the USA to be a big rich man. He was well built, with sparkling big eyes and an innocent face. We asked him to be part of our hotwife mission. Of course, we will pay for it. Dixon agreed.

The D-Day arrived. My heard was thumping fast about it. I bought a backless gown for the dress. I wanted to look ravishing just to make my husband jealous. It seems we were back in our Prom night event. To some extent it was. We booked a hotel room for this. We don’t find a home appropriate for hotwife.

Dixen arrived in the hotel room. After a glass of cordial drinks, we decided to do our part. The problem is how to start it.  The first thing that comes to our mind is to play the music. My husband started the music, and I started dancing. Dixen just looked at my curves. I wanted to arouse a wild man in it. The thing he is known to be African. I danced for half an hour and my husband kept encouraging me. At last, Dixen stood up. He pushed me to the wall, grabbed my boobs, and started kissing me passionately. The first kiss was a forced one, later it became gentle. From my lips, he pours down sweet kisses on my neck. His hands went inside my chest, now they felt being loved. I never thought playing a hotwife would be so much fun.

While kissing, he lifted me gently and took me to the bedroom. He stripped me naked there and ran my hands all over my body. My legs got wide open with excitement. He pulled out his cock with a thin condom over it. He pushed it gently inside me while his hands squeezed my bosom. I covered him with my legs while he continued a wild thrust inside me. It went on for some minutes till he released himself inside me. He ended this beautiful Hotwife moment with a gentle kiss on lips.

Most of you must be thinking about what my beloved Husband was doing during this time. Was he away, upset? No, he wasn’t. He was filming the whole act. I could see his dick getting hard on seeing me naked, moaning while kissing. It was obvious that I must entertain my husband after Dixen’s turn. To be honest, I too wanted him inside me. And he did. Once Dixen left, we did have a hot shower together where I gave him a fine blowjob and he kissed every part of my body. Finally, we both were relieved to take a break from marriage responsibility. My advice to all married women. Have some sporty moments like hotwife or any romantic fantasy you want to indulge to keep your marriage alive.


A LusciousHotwives’ erotic short story. Image courtesy of HotwifeXXX