Hotwife Impregnation

Hotwife Impregnation

My story of becoming a father is quite an unbelievable one. Thanks to Hotwife, I became a father.  I am an army soldier with a muscular body. I have dark skin and an athletic body with long runner legs. I was posted in Afghanistan after training.   I cursed the moment when a blast took my manliness in Afghanistan. I was in the prime of my youth when this happened. On top of that, I was just 3 months married. My wife Susan is a school teacher. She is a sweet blonde girl that any man would love to start a family with her. I feel sorry for her because I cannot make her happy in bed. On the contrary, Susan had taken it very casually. She said having sex does not matter what matters most is emotional connectivity. I have never seen crying or upset because of this issue. But now sex has become a vital part of our married life. Because there is pressure to start a family soon from my parents and in-laws. My wife is in mid 30s, everyone is telling her to start soon otherwise it becomes too late. This relative friend’s pep talk has made her upset. She often cries hiding from me. I too get emotional but somehow, I control my feelings.

Life was passing by till one day my twin brother Latham arrived. When he first arrived, I was not at home. Susan started conversing thinking of him as husband. It was just when I arrived, she came to know of my brother. Both of us went to the pub to chill out.  During drinks, all the emotional stress that I was feeling went out. I started crying. Lathem consoled me. He said everything would be all right. He told me about trying Hotwife Therapy. I asked him what it was.

Hotwife is a thing where the wife has sex with the husband’s consent. We were one step ahead i.e. impregnating my wife. I agreed to this plan but I doubt if Susan would agree. I took her out for a romantic dinner where I told her about the discussion with Latham. Susan instantly said no to this. I said I would have no problem with her sleeping with another man besides Latham is my twin brother. He looks the same as me. She would not feel like having sex with strangers at all. With much convincing, my wife agreed.

We made our Hotwife love on the same night. Latham put my wife on the bed. He caressed her cheek for a while then removed her night dress. My wife was in lingerie now. He started touching her to arouse her sexually. His gentle hands move over her navel, bosom, and end on lips. Seeing my wife in a mood, Latham started kissing her gently. While kissing he removed the panties of my wife and started running hands on her long legs. I was holding hands with my wife to give her constant approval. From lips, he moved to her beautiful bosom. He sucked on the bosom in his mouth while massaging others.  After 10 minutes he changed position. When it was going on, Susan was looking at me. She was enjoying every moment of it. However, I can say with conviction that she was thinking about me while playing the Hotwife.

Latham was a boob lover. For at least an hour he massaged licked or played with my wife’s boobs. I had to remind him of his purpose. Latha apologized. He kissed my wife’s navel for a few minutes then moved his cock gently inside my wife.  While Latham was busy fucking my wife, I started feeling the sensation in my dick. I saw it, it was erect. I was so happy to find my sexual power back; the credit goes to Hotwife game. I kissed my wife passionately while my twin brother kept on fucking her. Susan was also surprised but she was glad that I was making love to her finally. She doesn’t have to feel guilty now. Soon I noticed Latham moving fast inside my wife. It happened when a man is about to release cum and he did. While Latham was sated with love. I kept on kissing my wife to make up for the lost moment. Though, I didn’t go inside her.

The Hotwife theory did work out. My wife got pregnant. Everyone in our family was delighted. Though no one knows how it happened. Everybody thought or assumed it to be IVF. But we know it wasn’t. After 9 months, I was the father of a healthy son all thanks to Latham.

A LusciousHotwives’ erotic short story. Image courtesy of HotwifeXXX