Hotwife’s New Year Wild Party

Hotwife’s New Year Wild Party

I always have a wild fantasy of sharing my hotwife with another person. But I don’t have the guts to ask my hotwife.  So, I kept my dark fantasy to myself. One day my school friend Freddie arrived. We went to a New Year Party. My Hotwife got drunk in the party. Three of us came home. As the door was shut. My friend made my hotwife sit on Sofa. He started massaging her boobs. My hotwife enjoyed it however she had a guilty look in her eyes. She looked at me to see my reaction. I nodded yes. It made her comfortable.

Now she participated in lovemaking with Freddie at ease. She gave him a long kiss on the lips. She removed her top and started riding on it while Freddie’s hands fondled her bosom. I joined my hotwife from behind. I give her long kisses on the bare back and her sweet neck. This was the first time we were indulging in 3some. Soon my hotwife had her first orgasm with Freddie. We didn’t stop at this. Freddie made her sit on his lap. He kissed her deep long neck while I supported my hotwife from behind. When he got tired from his neck, he moved to her bosom and gave lovely kisses on it. I just focused on my hotwife back kissing and licking. Then he embraced her more tightly. It was obvious that he was trying to make his cock enter in my hotwife. Soon he got entry and it slid deep inside my hotwife. I dropped at this moment because it was uncomfortable for me. Second, I do not want to be a spoilsport.

His thrust gave my hotwife a second orgasm. It was the first time she was experiencing this Although she was drunk she was enjoying every movement of it. After this, me and Freddie changed positions. I mean I became her active lover. I made her sit on lap while he supported and made love from behind. We repeated the same process i.e. kissing my hotwife lips, neck, and bosom while pushing my cock deep inside. My friend stroked my hotwife hair and gave tender kisses on her back.  This went on for 30 minutes till I cum inside my body.  Now the dawn was coming and we all decided to sleep together. My hotwife in the middle (naked of course), me on left while my friend on right. When my hotwife woke up, she was embarrassed and happy at the same time. Freddie thanked me and my hotwife for the party. He went to his home. But the guilt factor in my hotwife didn’t. I kissed my hotwife gently on lips.

I told her about the hot hotwife fantasy that I always had in my mind. I wanted to indulge in it. But don’t have the guts to do so. Fate made this possible. So, don’t be worried about it all. My hotwife got upset. She told me why I didn’t share this feeling. At least, she won’t have this cheating feeling. I apologized and promised whatever wild fantasy I had I would share it with her even try to make it possible. My hotwife gave me a lovely kiss on my lips. She was glad how much I love and care about her. Somehow this new year wild party even brought us closer.


A LusciousHotwives’ erotic short story. Image courtesy of HotwifeXXX