Hotwifing and Swinging Differences

Difference Between Hotwifing and Swinging

Hotwifing and Swinging. There comes a point in the life of every couple where they have to decide whether they want to have fun and explore their sexuality or they want to be stuck in a boring sexless marriage. There are two ways in which a couple can start inviting other people into their bedroom. They can get into cuckolding or they can get into swinging. But knowing what’s best for you can make the difference between a successful transition to a more fulfilling sex life and a failed attempt that will end the discussion forever. From this following article, you will learn everything about hotwifing and swinging, so that you will know which is the best for you.


Is Your Wife Into A Hotwife?

The signs that your wife is a hotwife material are there. You just have to look for them or analyze everything she confessed so far to find out if she would like getting fucked by a bull while you watched. One of the main signs that your wife is a hotwife is domination. Do you feel dominated by your wife? Is she the type of lady who controls who you’re going out with, when you’re coming home, and what chores you do around the house? Chances are that she wouldn’t be ashamed or uncomfortable with enjoying another man’s bigger dick in front of you.

Another big sign that your wife is hotwife material is the ex-talk. Did your wife ever tell you sex stories from her past involving other men? She might be thinking of the good times when she had a lot of sex before she met you. If she ever told you stories about previous loves with cocks bigger than yours, that’s a strong sign. A black ex-lover is the biggest sign that she could be a hotwife. As you surely know, once they go black, they never go back. And you can be sure she keeps thinking about black dicks if she was a snow bunny when she was young. She might even be masturbating thinking of how good a BBC felt in her horny tight pussy.

If you find your wife in any of these signs, the ball is in your court. But you should play it well. One of the best ways of approaching it would be to confess that you fantasize about watching her have sex with another man. And it’s best to bring this up during sex when she surely already imagines another man with a bigger dick fucking her so that she could finally cum.


Is Your Wife Into A Swinger?

Finding out if your wife could handle swinging is also a matter of reading the signs. The biggest sign that your wife might be comfortable with messing around with other couples is her sapphic history. If she ever told you stories of experimenting with other women in her college years, or better, if she ever got into threesomes with another couple, that’s a strong sign that she might still want to feel that thrill. Equality of power within the couple and the lack of jealousy are also signs that you might be a great duo for swinging experiences. But the supreme sign is the tendency to go on double dates or genuinely hang out with other couples without gossiping about them afterward. You’d be surprised how easy it is to turn a double date into a swinging experience once you’ve come forward about the fantasy to your wife. Especially if you’re all over 40.


The Benefits Of Hotwifing

Choosing hotwifing over swinging is way easier and you can have many more experiences. When you turn your wife into a hotwife, you just need men for fun nights. And men who would play the role of bulls for your cuckolding fantasy are so easy to find. You can leave any bar or pub with a man who is willing to fuck your wife in front of you. And there are plenty of forums and online communities dedicated to hotwifing. Those chat rooms and message boards are filled with black bulls looking for hotwives and cuckold husbands.

When you choose hotwifing, you also won’t have to worry about the size of your penis. Most men are afraid to get into swinging because they are self-conscious about the small size of their dick. They know they can’t properly please their wives and that also means they won’t be able to please another man’s wife either. When you’re a cuckold, you don’t have to do anything, just enjoy watching your wife getting ravished. It might sound brutal, but once you try it for the first time, it will be way more exciting and pleasing than trying to please another woman in front of your wife and failing. In time, you’ll start experimenting with all kinds of cuckolding kinks that will make the whole experience as thrilling and orgasmic for you as it is for your hotwife.


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