Hotwives vs. Cuckoldresses: Who Has The Most Fun?

Hotwives vs. Cuckoldresses: Who Has The Most Fun?

Hotwives and cuckoldresses have so many similarities. Both these types of Queens of Spades are married white women are they’re usually over the age of 30 or even MILFs. What they also have in common is their love for black cocks. Or we should better call it their addiction to black cocks. But who has it better? Who has the best time when they are getting railed and stretched by black monsters? That’s what we’re going to try and answer in the following paragraphs. Keep reading to find out!


Why Is It Awesome To Be A Hotwife?

A hotwife can come in so many forms and she can have many different origins. On the one hand, hotwives are snowbunnies who married white men with small dicks. But the urging thought of big black dicks pushed them into coming clean to their husbands about their BBC addiction. These ex-snowbunnies managed to turn their husbands into cucks. On the other hand, there are also lots of cuck hubbies who are turning their life partners into hotwives for their own twisted fantasies.

Regardless of their origin stories, one thing we should keep in mind when talking about hotwives is that, in most cases, they have to enjoy BBCs right in front of their husbands. Depending on the case, this can be a massive turn-on or a bit of a turn-off. We’ve heard of QoS who would feel way more comfortable if they’d be alone with the black bull. Some cucked hubbies understand that and they wait in another room while the wifey is getting her guts rearranged. They are contained to wanking off while listening to their wives’ screams with their ears glued to the door.

But the truth is, most cucked husbands insist on being in the same room as their hotwives are getting blacked. It’s part of their kink. And when the wifey understands that, she can use it to her advantage, increasing her pleasure. Humiliating your cucked hubby while a black man is properly pleasing them can add a wild thrill to the whole experience. And for the kinkiest couples, the wife might even 69 her hubby to have him lick her clit while the black cock is pushing deep into her guts.

There’s also the case of mature hotwives, who are using their cucked hubbies as ATMs for their BBC addiction. After a certain age, a Queen of Spades might not have the looks or energy to try seducing young black men. That’s where the hubby comes in. He can pay off some black bulls to come and service his wife. There are also cases of lucky slut wives who convince their hubbies to hire two or even more bulls for a BBC gangbang at home or in the hotel room. And when the hubby is a big-time dirty cuck, the hotwife might even get spoiled in gifts after she’s been ravished by a black bull. Just because she was down to please his twisted desires.


What’s The Thrill In Being A Cuckoldress?

Cuckoldresses have their fair share of thrilling fun. What you should remember about a cuckoldress is that she’s a cheater. This type of QoS is addicted to black cocks but she didn’t come out to her white hubby. She might know that her hubby won’t take it easy. He might be too narrow-minded or too frustrated about the small size of his penis to allow his wife to enjoy herself in the company of a real man. And when a Queen of Spades doesn’t get what she needs, she goes out and turns into a cuckoldress.

Unlike a hotwife, a cuckoldress gets to enjoy her BBC adventure privately. She gets to be alone with her black bull, making love to him without having to care that she might hurt her hubby’s feelings. She can kiss and caress her black bull, call him sweet names, and even complain to him about the poor sexual performance of her husband.

But unlike a hotwife, a cuckoldress also has to be careful when she goes out to get her BBC fix. Sometimes, this is easier and sometimes it is harder. But she has a certain risk of ruining her marriage every time. Undoubtedly, the thrill of fucking a black man behind her husband’s back is a major turn-on. There are cucoldresses who love this so much they ask to be creampied just so that they could go back to their hubbies and have sex with them, claiming that the jizz in their pussies is just their natural wetness.


Who Has The Most Fun After All?

At first look, you might say that cuckoldresses have the most fun. They get to enjoy BBCs on their terms. But we should take into consideration the following aspects. Cuckoldresses can only enjoy what’s available in their everyday life. It might be a colleague, a personal trainer, or a neighbor. And the black bull has to like her back and be willing to get into an adultery arrangement.

On the other hand, hotwives are fucked by the best black bulls their hubbies can find. And when it comes to finding bulls, cuckolds go all out. They join cuckolding online communities looking for the best black men with the biggest dicks. Or they simply hire them through escort agencies. Not to mention that lots of cuck hubbies love taking their hotwives on exotic vacations just to have the local young black boys have their way with the pussies and assholes of their life partner while they’re jerking off in the corner of the hotel room. So, in the long run, the hotwives always have the most fun.


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