How To Find A Bull For Your Hotwife

How To Find A Bull For Your Hotwife

So, you finally managed to convince your wife to cuck you. Or maybe she’s the one who wanted to be a hotwife. No matter how you got here, what’s important is that you will have your first cuckolding experience. You should read more on how to have a great first cuckolding adventure in the guide we wrote. Or maybe you’ve enjoyed it before and you want to find more bulls for more hotwifing exploration. No matter why you need a bull, here’s how you will find him.


Hit The Web

The best place to find a bull these days is the internet. It used to be a time when you could just use Craigslist to find a man with a big cock who could regulate your hotwife. Not only that you could post your wife on Craigslist and wait for black men to apply for the role of a bull, but some of them started advertising their dicks for all the hotwives and cuckolds in the community. But Craigslist is no longer allowing adult postings. However, that’s not a bad thing.

More and more forums and online communities dedicated to hotwife and cuckolding have been established on the web. Truth be told, the members are most active in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. However, the chances that you are from one of these four places when reading this guide are high. You will surely find a hotwifing forum where not only can you find personal classified ads from bulls who offer to fuck your wife and who are within driving distance, but you can even advertise your hotwife on these platforms through hot pics and sex tapes. You’ll even find Facebook groups these days where you can post your wife and location and then wait for bulls to DM you and invite them over to fuck your hotwife right in front of you.


Take Your Wife On A Holliday

If you want to turn your wife into a hotwife but want to keep things as private as possible, it’s always best to choose a holiday destination that’s popular with sex tourism. Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, and the beaches of Italy are perfect destinations where you will find a large population of black women who are used to fucking the wives of white tourists. This method of finding a bull is perfect for when you have a reputation or a career to protect. Most men who choose this method of getting cucked are usually CEOs, business owners, or even politicians.


Ask One Of Your Buddies To Cuck You

If you are confident in your role in life as a cuckold, you will never feel more submissive and cucked than when you let one of your buddies fuck your wife. If you have a black buddy, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask him if he wants to fuck your wife. In most cases, you’re not the first friend in his life who asked such a favor. And when you get cucked by a close friend, you will turn cuckolding adventures into a cuck and hotwife lifestyle. You will enjoy a trio relationship in which you will pay for the lifestyle of your wife and help her around the house and she will get her sexual satisfaction from a man who is always welcome in your home. On top of that, you can start experimenting with all kinds of advanced kinks, as the three of you will feel more comfortable and will spend more time together, to allow in-depth experimentation.


Let Your Wife Choose Her Own Bull

You can only consider yourself a full-fledged cuck when you let your wife choose her own bull. On the one hand, you can do that through the three methods that we’ve already listed in this guide. Browsing the web with your wife looking for a bull and comparing offers or sexting with them as foreplay to establishing a cuckolding date can be a thrilling sexual experience in itself. Letting her choose one of your buddies to be her bull can also be hot, especially if she’s the one breaking the news to your body and putting the moves on him. And watching her making herself available and flirting in a bar while on vacation can be just as hot as watching her sucking that black cock or getting fucked by it.

But there’s one more way of finding a bull that can be even more exciting. Most cucks think this is the hottest way of sharing their hotwives. I’m talking about letting your wife choose a bull from the men that she knows and you don’t. I can assure you that every woman has a black man in her life that she thinks of when she’s having sex or masturbating. It might be a guy who works with her, an old friend, or an ex-boyfriend. And she surely has a way of convincing him to fuck her in front of you. Or you can encourage her to go out by herself or with her girlfriends, so that she can hook up with a black man in the bar or the club and bring him home for a late-night cuckolding session. Nothing will make you feel more out of control than waiting for your wife to come home with a bull while she’s half drunk and ready to be used like a cumslut.


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