Playing the Hotwife for Break Up Man

Playing the Hotwife for Break Up Man

I played a hotwife for a friend. Martin is a close friend of us. More than a friend, he is a family member. His girlfriend has walked away after 5 years of relationship and married someone else. She is so shameless that she has posted her newly wedded photos on Instagram making Martin more depressed. I have no idea how any girl could reject Martin. He is in the finance field, well-built and decent. In short, a man with whom any girl will dream of settling down. Yet he is single.

Me and Richard; my husband got concerned about this. We throw a breakaway party for him. Drinks start pouring in and we lose our inhibitions. Martin got close to me. He sat next to me, looking deep into my eyes gave a gentle kiss on my lips. He said he always felt attracted to me and his dreams were full of making love to me. Me and Richard were shocked. Although we were drunk, we knew where it was heading. We arrange a taxi for Martin to drop him home. At that moment, I have plans of playing a hotwife. At home, I told Richard about it. Richard was reluctant but soon gave in. After all, he too didn’t want Martin to get into depression.

While we were discussing about it, we got a call from Martin. He apologized for his behaviour. I talked to him and said that I would give him a treat that will overcome his grief. He had no idea about hotwife yet he agreed.  So, we met again on weekend, got drunk again. But this time it was going to be different.

It was I who took the initiative. I gave him a deep kiss on lips to make him comfortable. Martin was shocked though his heart was saying yes. He looked one moment at Richard to see if he is upset. Richard was fine with it. Now he got really into motion. He kissed me deep touching my tongue. The kiss was fantastic. While kissing, he removed my top, unbutton my bra and started running hands on my bare hands. I too did the same that is removed his top even unbuckled his pants to make him appear in underwear.  I never expected this hotwife moment to be so wonderful.

He put me gently on carpet, threw away my bra. My boobs were wide open. He stroked them with gentle hands. I thought he would suck my boobs. Richard too was expecting it. But Martin had better idea than this. He asked for ice cubes. Richard gave him. Martin applied ice on my body. He rubbed it on my lips, run it around my bosom; my God it was so chilling and ended up in navel. I was turned on at that moment.

Martin surprised us with his love. It looks like he had some experience with hotwife. But it doesn’t bother to me. I thought he would go for missionary style. Instead, he went down for lotus position. He sat crossed legs; made me sit facing him. Looking deep into my eyes, he started kissing. It was obvious the more passionate kisses; the tighter embraces would be. He kissed on particularly on my neck, running his hands on my bare back while his dick start going inside me. Starting slow, he moved faster with time. I moaned with excitement. In fact, they were so loud that Richard has to shut my mouth.

Richard too got excited looking at Martin. He started kissing my bare back. I was in heaven. Never felt so good. Soon Martin had orgasm. But I wasn’t satisfied. Thankfully, my husband came to my rescue. My husband is a traditional lover. He preferred missionary with lots of kissing. It went on for half an hour. Soon he too came inside. I had enough of my hotwife experience. Never ever I have dealt with two men.

When I woke up, I found myself in bed. Richard was making breakfast for me. He told me Martin called early in the morning. Last night love helped him a lot in healing. I was glad of it. Finally, my hotwife experience worked well.

A LusciousHotwives’ erotic short story. Image courtesy of HotwifeXXX