Three Types of Cuckoldress Wives and Their Behaviors

Three Types of Cuckoldress Wives and Their Behaviors

No matter if you are a man who dreams of seeing his wife fucked hard by a bull or if you are a lady who is bored by the unsatisfying size of her hubby’s little cock, you should know a couple of things about the different types of cuckoldress wives and how they act when they enjoy a superior black cock. With this short guide, you will be able to understand yourself better or to understand what type of BBC slut your wifey is and you will be able to adjust your lifestyle accordingly.


The Cheating Housewife

So many men are cucks these days who don’t even know they’re cucks. Women are crazy for BBC, especially since they’ve all started watching porn. And they want to enjoy the same intense orgasms as the hotwives on the porn sites they visit. So they take matters into their own hands and go chase BBCs in secret when their hubbies are not home. Your wife might even be a cuckoldress and you have no idea about it. But there are also cucks who encourage their spouse to become a cheating housewife. Some women have no interest in their cucked hubbies being in the same room with them when they take their BBC fix. And this can be an absolute thrill for the cuck too.

Imagine your wife sending you away from your home so that a black man can come into your house and fuck your wife in your bed. Just the thought of it can make you horny enough to jerk off in your car while you drive aimlessly through the city waiting for the call from your wife through which she allows you to go back home. And when you get home, your cuckoldress housewife has a fresh creampie in her pussy that she might let you clean with her tongue.

A better experience is when the wife and her bull take pictures and videos of them fucking so that they can send you and taunt you with them. Many cucks with cheating housewives are army guys, truck drivers, and men who work away from home. They enjoy getting cucked surprises from their hotwives and jerking off to the videos of their spouses getting properly fucked is more satisfying than having orgasmless sex with her.


The Classic Hotwife

A classic hotwife is the wife who lets you watch. Maybe she will even let you join when she is getting properly stretched by a BBC by sucking your small dick or having you hold her in your arms as a bull is pounding her pussy. The classic hotwife is a loving woman who admits to herself that your cock is not good enough for her. She has nothing against you and she understands your thrill of being a cuck. She might even taunt you but in a loving way. Usually, classic cuckoldress hotwives will let you choose her bull. They are perfect partners for cuckolding holidays. And when the session is over they will get back to being your lovely spouse.

It’s usually married women with children who are classic hotwives. Their BBC sessions need to be a bit cleaner. They won’t degrade themselves or you and are in it just for the joy of being properly pleased by a real man. The favorite pounding grounds for a classic hotwife is the hotel room, as they like to put a boundary between their everyday life and their dirty adventures.


The Goddess Hotwife

A goddess is the ultimate form of a cuckoldress. She is the one who will hurt just through the way she enjoys a BBC in front of you. And she’ll also put you through so much degradation, that will only turn you on even more. Goddess hotwives are usually into BDSM as well. They will make you wear a cock cage while they get fucked by their bulls. And they will taunt you with the most brutal dirty talking, telling you how you’re not enough of a man for them and exactly how it feels to be stretched. Size comparison is also a thing goddesses enjoy.

The more extreme goddesses will emasculate you in advanced ways. Sissification is one of the methods through which they ensure that their cuck hubbies of theirs know their place as low-level beta males. The sissification is usually done through cross-dressing. On top of that, the goddesses enjoy watching their cucked hubbies go bi. They might make their hubbies suck on the cock of their bulls. And if they are extreme enough, they might make the bulls fuck their hubbies too. Creampie cleanup is always the job of the cuck in a goddess housewife arrangement.

So, what type of cuckoldress are you? Or what do you see in your wife? There are not only types of possible cuckoldresses. We just offered you a broad guide over what one can expect. Stick around and you’ll get to read more in-depth informative articles on the hotwife lifestyle.

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