What Is Hotwifing And How To Share Your Sexy Wife

Sexy Wife

Do you have a hot wife? Do you want to show her off and have her properly pleased? Then you might want to get into hotwifing. Sharing your wife doesn’t have to be a humiliating experience. You don’t have to be a cuck in order to enjoy sharing her with other men. It’s all about teaming up with another man to give her orgasms that she will never forget. She deserves all that pleasure and you deserve to have your naughty kinks pleased. Sexual maturity is when you realize that a threesome with another man and your wife can be hotter and wilder than a threesome with your wife and another woman. Unfortunately, this sexual maturity comes late in the life of most married men. That’s why most swingers and men who share their wives are in their late 40s. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can start sharing your wife right now! But you should know some things about how to approach this sensitive kink. Here are some things you need to know!


Sharing Your Wife With A Stranger

Most men find it easier to share their wives with strangers. That’s because they want to avoid the drama and the awkward moments that can result from having a threesome with someone they know. But where can you find a stranger who can help you ravish your wife? You could try the local swingers club. But if you’ve never shared your wife before, a swingers club can be a big step. Another great idea is to take your wife on a nice vacation and share her with a stranger you meet there. The best place where you can find a man who will be more than happy to get into a threesome with you and your wife is a nudist beach. That’s one of the main reasons why people go to the nudist beach. It’s just like a swingers club, but way less intimidating. And if you want to feel even more comfortable with the first time, you should look for a man who is much younger than you. Your wife will enjoy the stamina of a young dick and you will be able to feel in control throughout the whole experience. Once you get used to sharing your wife, you can start experimenting with more mature men who know how to make a woman cum and even with black men.


Sharing Your Wife With A Friend

Sharing your wife with a friend can be way more exciting than sharing her with a stranger. But you should really know and trust each other before you welcome a known man in your bedroom. However, the outcome can be amazing. When you start sharing your wife with friends you will turn this kink into a lifestyle. The regular get-togethers will be way more interesting. You can enjoy a football game with your buddy, have a couple of beers and then have your wife servicing your dicks or take turns fucking her until she’s cock drunk. Sometimes, strangers with whom you share your wife will become friends. The advantage of sharing your wife with a known man is all about training her to become a perfect hotwife. She will start feeling more and more comfortable with trying new kinks. You can start double penetrating her and if you have more fun friends, you can even initiate her into the gangbang fantasy.


Dogging: The Wildest Form Of Hotwifing

Dogging is when you take your hotwifing lifestyle to a whole new level. Dogging is when you take your wife to a place known for being frequented by single horny men and ask them if they would be interested in gangbanging your wife. The best dogging spots are the adult movie theaters. But because there aren’t too many adult movie theaters left out there, your best way of finding men who would be interested into dogging your wife is online. Join some adult message boards and forums and post an announcement for a date and place where all the interested men can come and fuck your wife. In most cases, the dogging gangbangs take place outdoors, at the nudist beach, or on some back road into the woods. However, dogging is the most advanced form of hotwifing. Your wife must be properly trained and used to getting fucked by strangers. But the satisfaction is guaranteed for both her and you.


Soft Hotwifing For Newbies!

Do you want some of the pleasure of hotwifing without actually sharing your wife in real life? Maybe you’re not ready or maybe your wife isn’t ready for this big step in your sexual liberation. No matter the reason, you can experiment with online hotwifing. There are thousands of websites, chatrooms, and forums where horny men like you love sharing nudes and sex tapes of their wives. You can anonymously post your wife on such sites and have other men comment on her. They can tell you all about the things they’d do to her holes and her bodies. And some can even send you cum tributes. A cum tribute is when a stranger jerks off to a picture of your wife and cums on it. You will be surprised by how satisfying getting a cum tribute for your wife can be. Some men are so passionate about sharing their wives online that they insist on posting her every day. On top of that, the sites where you can share your wife online are also perfect places where you can meet like-minded people for real-life fun.