When a Queen turns into a Hotwife

When a Queen turns into a Hotwife

King Maurice of Ethiopia captured young King Antonia of Naples and his queen Gabriella. He has stopped his army from rampaging their city. King Maurice put a very peculiar condition of negotiation. The negotiation is that Queen Gabriella plays a Hotwife role. She should spend one night with him. Not only this, all the action will be taken in front of King Antonio. If he doesn’t agree to him then the Ethiopian army will be free to do anything in the town. The choice is quite simple. Queen or the kingdom.

King Antonio was in pain. Both ways he was going to face defeat. The question is which one is less painful. The King was still in shock and he didn’t say anything. But Gabriella was practical. She said yes. I would love to play your Hotwife but first, the Ethiopian army must leave the town. After giving it a long thought, King Maurice agreed to the condition. The army left while Gabriella moved to King Maurice’s Chamber.

King Maurice ensured that she looked stunning for the night. He sent girls to dress her up. The girls first gave Gabriella a milk bath, then they dressed her in fine silk garments. They applied perfume, mascara, and lipstick on her lips to give her a magical look. Gabriella was naturally beautiful. She had dark curly hair and an athletic figure with a bell-shaped bosom.  Unlike other princesses, Gabriella was more interested in politics, geography, and sword fighting. She has never faced defeat in a sword fight. Now she must face another kind of battle. This time in bed being a Hotwife. She must ensure that the king never ever attacked her kingdom although it did compromise on her dignity.

After dressing up, Gabriella was sent to the Ethiopian King Chamber. The King checked her out from top to bottom. He never imagined Gabriella could look so beautiful. He offered a glass of wine which she drank in one gulp. Gabriella was feeling very nervous. She was certain that there was no Hotwife thing as such. Instead, she is going to be raped even worse thrown open to his soldiers.  The King lifted her chin up. She was so nervous that she closed her eyes thinking it would pass away. The King gave a kiss on the lips. She was shocked he was gentle, not rough at all. He kept on kissing her while stroking her curly hair.

Gabriella never thought that kiss could be so good. Soon she finds herself irresistible. If his kiss was so good, just imagine how good it would be when his dick gets inside her. Shedding away all her inhibitions, Gabriella responded with the same passion. She put the king on the bed tore open his shirt and started kissing him. She loved his dark chest. She showered it with kisses. All her inhibitions about Hotwife were gone. She rode his cock putting his hand on her bosom. If she must be the concubine it has to be her way. The king got in motion with this. He put her down on the bed and kissed her everywhere like forehead, lips neck, eyes, and her beautiful bosom. His gentle kisses made Gabriella moan. Although she too was surprised by her behavior.

The king continued kissing her for an hour. Seeing her excited enough, the king turned her back. This time Gabriella felt something peculiar. She was getting a little ticklish feeling on her back. Sweetly she asked what he was doing. The king laughed and said he was writing his name on her back so that she always remember her precious Hotwife moment. Gosh, Gabriella felt so romantic. She wished to be his real queen. Well, it will remain a dream.

The king after doing the painting started kissing her back. This time he was into main action. He spread her legs wide open and pushed his manliness gently inside. After some moments, he released a big cum inside her. Both slept deeply after such intense sex.

Next morning Gabriel woke up late. She found King Maurice gone. However, she found a letter on table. She read the letter. Maurice thanked her for playing the Hotwife. He had set Antonio free and left his city. Now he will never attack their city and if anyone does Ethiopian will always protect him. Gabriella was glad that she had saved the kingdom and Antonio too. But she still misses his sweet kisses on her soft skin. Gosh, that moment will never arrive.


A LusciousHotwives’ erotic short story. Image courtesy of HotwifeXXX