When I got a Hotwife Present

When I got a Hotwife Present

The best thing about marrying an adult movie director is that he is a great lover. I am an aspiring model in my early 20s I am 5 foot 9 inches tall, have long legs, and brunette hair with a beautiful bosom that remains in shape through a sports bra. It has been 6 months of our marriage and we have made love in the shower, inside the car, in the bed even in a lift. I had no idea I would be playing hotwife soon. Let me tell you how it started.

One night while pouring down soft kisses on my neck. My husband said, “Darling, I want to film you naked. Naked in the arms of a black man. How do you feel about it?”

My heart jumped with excitement. The truth is that I always wanted to have a black cock inside me. I have read hotwife stories. Reading stories about it satisfies my fantasy to some level. But never have I imagined getting an offer in real. Here my husband was saying it which my heart desired.

I replied when he was kissing my boobs. “Okay, I am happy in what makes you happy”. Thus, our night ended well.

My birthday was on Saturday. Jason took me on a dinner date. We danced and laughed like a couple madly in love. In the end, we went to the hotel suite. Here, my hotwife present was waiting for me. His name was Suleman. He was a black model from Ghana. He was thin and lean like an army man. The best thing about him was his cute dimples when he smiled.

I was unprepared for this event. I was a little bit angry because it happened so soon. Anyway, I kept my promise. The thing is how to start it. While my husband worked on his camera. Me and Suleman were in an awkward situation. Both of us were a little bit embarrassed till Jason came to our rescue. He said, “Why don’t you dance a little bit? Suleman, show my wife some dance steps.”

The dance broke the ice between us. I got a chance to feel his muscles while he kissed my neck. The more we danced, the closer we got to hotwife play game. His dance moves become crazy with time. He removed my top to make me appear in bra. Before I could say anything, he removed my skirt too. I was in white lingerie naked between two men. I was feeling nervous and excited at the same time. Suleman was gentle with me. He embraced me from behind while dancing and started kissing my neck. With smooth hands, he removed my bra strap. My beautiful boobs were out in the open. His left hand fondled it gently while his right hand was inside my panties. I was seriously turned on with it. Not even my husband was excited about it.

Carrying on with hotwife love, he put me gently on the bed.  He asked Jason to get some ice cubes from the fridge. Jason brought it. Suleman took one ice cube in his hand and ran it over my navel. I moaned with excitement. A shameless guy made me more horny by squeezing my bosom. Soon the ice cube melted. He brought another ice cube; this time it went inside my panties. I moaned and moaned while Jason filmed me. I seriously wanted his cock inside me. Suleman didn’t. Next, he applied an ice cube on my bosom and finally on my lips. When all ice cubes were utilized, he kissed me softly starting from my navel and then moving to my bosom, neck, lips even on my back. He made me lie on my stomach, spreading my legs wide open; he pushed his manliness inside me. This went on for some minutes till he released his magical cum inside me. Don’t worry; he was wearing a condom. Jason ensured that. Finally, my hotwife present was over. It’s time to come back to real life. Suleman like a true professional thanked me and Jason and left the hotel suite.

Now me and my husband were alone. My husband kissed me on doing such a great job. He showed me the whole movie and I closed my eyes with embarrassment. I couldn’t believe I had performed hotwife act. I wanted to thank my husband. I asked him to make love to me right now.  And he did in my favorite position; orthodox missionary style.


A LusciousHotwives’ erotic short story. Image courtesy of HotwifeXXX